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Established Year


Japan Development Institute Ltd., (JDI)

Shoichi Kobayashi

Tsumio Hatsukade

Ituro Bld. 5F, 3-7-2 Kandanishiki-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0054, Japan

24,000,000 Yen

March 1982

Japan Development Institute, Bangladesh Branch
House #85 (1st Floor), Road #03, Block # F, Banani, Dhaka 1213

Shoichi Kobayashi

Chairman of Japan Development Institute


I have dreamed to be a doctor of developing countries since 12 years old.

​In the past 30 years, I undertook about 200 projects in more than 70 countries after I graduated from the University of Hawaii with a PhD. degree in Economic Development. I dreamed to be a doctor for developing countries after I heard about the story of Albert Schweitzer, who contributed himself to cure the natives in Africa and received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1952, because I realized that just like humans, countries also need a doctor to treat their problems. However, the path was not easy. After I graduated a high school in the Gunma prefecture in Japan, I worked a few years for my uncle and left for U.S.A. with a one-way ticket and only $500 cash. After I received a PhD. degree in 1974, I worked as an assistant professor at the University of Hawaii, an officer at UN and ECFA, and finally went independent and founded JDI in 1997.

The distinguishing aspect of JDI is its devotion to prioritize curing the disease (=problem) by examining the problem and giving a right prescription. To give the correct prescription, we try to have a talk with a leader of the country as much as possible to find out the problem in an early stage and jointly prepare the prescription and curing methods. There are number of aspects that need to be improved for developing countries to prosper, however the most important thing is to increase employments by attracting private enterprises into the country. Then how developing countries with poor infrastructures, unskilled labor force, and insufficient capital can attract private investments? After a number of experiences, I realized the method to use a Special Economic Zone (SEZ).

Since JDI involved in the industrial development in southern Thailand in 1978, we have dealt with 40 SEZ projects in 20 countries by today. Especially, we supported SEZ development plans sponsored by private sectors as receivers of the Asian investment boom by Japanese after the Plaza Accord in 1985. However, to actually create a result, it was necessary to undertake the whole process like creating a development plan and SEZ law, selecting developers, maintaining infrastructures, and attracting investments. Therefore JDI has implemented all the necessary steps in each project, and developed the following lists necessary for a successful SEZ development project;

We would like to be the true doctor for countries, and we are eager to cooperate with those who can dedicate themselves and work together to increase employments so that people of the developing countries can take meaningful jobs. There are number of development consultants in the world, however, there are only a few of those who take care of developing countries as a doctor. JDI will continuously work as “the only one development doctor” to cure more problems.



JDI will yield concrete results in solving problems

Most of the developing countries are incapable of attracting private investments because they often have internal major problems, such as unstable politics, a lack of capacity in their leaders, and insufficient infrastructures. From JDI’s 28-year-experiences, we are confident to say that there will be no development without private investments. Therefore, JDI’s mission is to correct and improve the problems and make a condition to attract private investors by undertaking every step from proposing a developmental plan to attract enterprises necessary to make a concrete result. To accomplish this, it is important to change the country leader’s recognition to the current state and make him/her acknowledge that the source of development is to create employments for the poor by attracting private investments. JDI has already had a talk with the leaders of more than 10 countries and leaving a large accomplishment. It is our mission to improve this method and further contribute ourselves for countries to get out from the poverty.

Feature of JDI

JDI is aiming to be the “Only One” development consulting firm which can perform the whole process of development projects from planning and implementing developmental plans and strategies, SEZ law enforcement, to private investment enticement. The following list shows important and necessary characteristics to perform “A to Z” development projects.

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